My Summer Projects and "Upping My Game"!

It is now the first week of my Summer vacation from my "daytime gig" as a Middle School Science Teacher. It is time to get revved up with my photography!

My two main goals are to start shooting portraiture and senior pictures to build my business and to work on my personal projects that will eventually be turned into photo books.

I have selected a few friends and family to shoot some new portraiture work for my portfolio and website. Additionally, I have a few of my former students who I will be getting in touch with to add to my senior pic portfolio and help me explore a new idea for senior portrait photography.

I will be a lot more active on this photography blog about my projects and activities to help build a community as I build my business!

" A portrait is not made in the camera, but on either side of it"  -  Edward Steichen


Wildflowers in Texas

 Wildflowers along US-190, Livingston, Texas

Wildflowers along US-190, Livingston, Texas

 Bluebonnets (Texas State Flower)

Bluebonnets (Texas State Flower)

For a photographer that enjoys landscapes with vivid colors, there is no place like Texas in the spring time! 

Defying Gravity with Chad

I recently finished a shoot with a young man who is graduating this year and taking his first steps in his walk as an adult. He is an expert level acrobat and parkour practitioner.

I am sure that this young man will find a way around any obstacle!


Chad defying gravity

Savannah's Senior Shoot

Took my first foray into shooting senior pics. The lovely Savannah H. posed for me. I learned a lot shooting this session and feel that I soon will be able to develop my skills into a quality product (session) for sale.